Season’s Greetings from Mrs. Padilly


Tomorrow is Thanksgiving in the United States, which kicks off the holiday season in the Padilly household. With Padilly family members living all across America, this time of year is marked with lots of travel and visitors, making it a very busy time.  As such, I wanted to note that I will not be posting to my blog for the rest of 2013, and wanted to wish all of you “Season’s Greetings! May the month of December be filled with joy and happiness for you and your family.”

Snow-Storm-WebBut before I go, I thought it would be fun to share a couple of photos of “wintertime” in Texas. While it does snow with more frequency in the northern part of The Lone Star State, it is very rare where I live, and when it does it’s a big thing.

As a child growing up in Chicago, I loved to build snowmen, and if there is snow on the ground, I will build one. During a “snowstorm” a few years ago in Texas, I was able to bring together enough snow to build the little snowman you see above.  I think he stood a full five inches tall!

The photo to the right was taken in my backyard during our last “snowstorm” on February 3, 2011 (note Mrs. Padilly’s tree, somewhat blocked by the grill). I kid you not my friends from northern lands, this “snowstorm” closed down our schools for the day!  I know your laughing, but trust me, this is a good thing as you don’t want to be on the roads in southern Texas if there is even a sprinkling of snow or ice on the road. Yikes! ;)

Best to You All! See you next year!

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3 thoughts on “Season’s Greetings from Mrs. Padilly

  1. cteachr

    Happy Holidays to you. I am surprised you even get any snow. Here I thought Texas was a southern destination for us snowbirds.

  2. Mrs. Padilly

    Hi Cteachr! Happy Holidays to you, too!!! The Texas Panhandle gets its share of snow, and even Dallas about once a year (it just got some last week), but you are right, it is VERY rare where I live.

    Once it snowed about two feet worth towards Corpus Christi (about two hours SOUTH of Houston), and I made my husband drive me to the small town in which it happened so I could build a giant snowman! He thought I was crazy, but he did. :)

  3. Happy Thanksgiving from the Cox household.

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